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Bladder Sling Lawsuit

Used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and the resulting stress urinary incontinence, bladder slings have cause many problems for the female patients they were supposed to treat.

The slings, also known as transvaginal mesh or surgical mesh slings, are made of polypropylene plastic that was supposed to be strong and supportive. Originally, they were intended to help women who suffered from an involuntary loss of urine caused by physical activity and everyday movements, such as laughing or coughing. Instead, a growing number of women have found that the plastic erodes and causes severe and long-lasting internal injuries.

A bladder sling is a long, narrow strip of plastic mesh that is surgically inserted under the urethra. It creates a hammock to hold up the urethra, which is known to sag following a pregnancy or due to aging.

Bladder Sling Complications

The problems with bladder slings usually begin shortly after they are implanted. The plastic sling internally erodes and slices into nearby tissue and organs. In addition, there are many other complications:

  • Pain - The pain from bladder slings can come from many areas. In some cases, the pain comes when the plastic sling disintegrates into tissue. In other cases, the sling, which is surgically attached to tissue and bone, shrinks and causes pain.
  • Bleeding - While some bleeding following a bladder-sling surgery is common, some women experience out-of-control bleeding. This is because the device cuts into the uterus or other organs.
  • Pain During Intercourse - Mesh that is contracted or eroded is known to harm both partners.
  • Multiple Infections - Localized and widespread infections have been known to strike bladder-sling patients.
  • Incontinence - Although bladder slings are supposed to help with incontinence, a growing number of studies show that it does not fix the problem.
  • Organ Perforation - The bladder, bowels, uterus and vaginal area are some of the many organs that have been damaged by bladder slings. This is because of the sharp edges on the device and the potential for infection.
  • Mesh Erosion - Although researchers are not completely clear about the reason that bladder slings erode, some think its because the body attacks it as a foreign invader.
  • Revision Surgery - In many cases, it takes two to three surgeries to remove eroded bladder slings because the mesh becomes intertwined with tissue.

Compensation for Injuries

Today, scores of patients who have been suffering with bladder slings are seeking medical attention to have them removed. This process is complicated and expensive. These same patients have also sued sling manufacturers because of the inferior products that have caused so many injuries. These lawsuits can help in many ways:

  • Medical Bills - Even with medical insurance, the cost of removing a bladder sling can be excessive. That’s because it can take several surgeries to remove the device. A lawsuit can help offset the cost of these necessary medical procedures.
  • Pain and Suffering - There is no doubt that a faulty bladder sling causes pain and suffering. Product-liability lawsuits are aimed at helping patients who have been duped into believing a product is safe and effective.
  • Loss of Wages - In most cases, women who are suffering with bladder slings can no longer hold any job. Even after the device is removed, many patients report extended periods of pain.
  • Loss of Consortium - A bladder sling is known to harm a couple’s long-term relationship due to the extended periods of pain.
  • Punitive Damages - Many patients look to punitive damages to punish the at-fault manufacturers and ensure other women won’t have to suffer the same fate.

Help With Filing a Lawsuit

Contact us today for a no-obligation and confidential review of your case. After finding out the details of your case, we can help guide you to the next step. We will work with you to file a bladder-sling claim.

The best way to have a successful bladder-sling claim is to hire an attorney who understands the problems with the device and the resulting complications. Your attorney should review your medical records and help you determine your next step.